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Student Spotlight: Meet Louise

We have some TRULY amazing students in the JFSOD fam and we really want to show them off! So each month, we will be featuring one of our students to show you how awesome they really are.

This month, meet Louise (center)!



Class level:


When did you start at JFSOD?

I started when I was three but then I took a break in 3rd grade and came back in 5th grade

What's the best dance tip you've ever received?

Go for it and don’t hold back

You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be any why?

I would be pink because I think it is a really happy and loud color at the same time—just like me!

Who is your dance idol?

That’s easy. Definitely the girls that I dance with because they are so strong and supportive and they are all amazing dancers.   They are so inspiring and I love dancing with them! 

Favorite book or movie?

Legally Blonde

Favorite style of dance?

I LOVE to tap!

Favorite snack?


Favorite Disney character?

Snow White

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be somebody that solves problems—I think being an engineer would be really cool.

Favorite holiday?

I really like Christmas—not just Christmas Day but the whole season. Everything is so pretty, it’s such a happy time of year, I like decorating the tree and the way Christmas lights look, I like being warm when it is cold outside, I like spending time with family and friends, I like the music, and I like giving gifts (and getting them ;)) maybe I have an obsession with Christmas?

All time favorite dance recital dance?

Arms from my jr. company jazz class—it was such a pretty and moving dance!!

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