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November 2018 Monthly Newsletter

Happy (almost) November JFSOD Fam! As Thanksgiving festivities begin to gear up, we are reminded of all we have to be thankful for. Between our students, staff and families, we couldn't be more grateful for this community and for each individual person in it.

In this spirit, we decided to highlight a few of our students and staff this month in a couple of different ways.

This month, we...

  • Made a video to find out what our students are thankful for (you won't want to miss this...some of their answers made us tear up)

  • Caught up with a member of Apprentice

  • Found out that one of our teachers recently traveled to Iceland and Scandinavia

  • Are letting you in on a top-secret project coming November 1st (scroll ALL the way to the bottom)

  • Send you a few important reminders relating to costumes (yay!) and the colder weather

As always, thanks for being a part of the family.


Tuition + Costume Money Reminder

Although recital is in June, we begin preparing now. You will be receiving a note about your child's costume(s) and costume money in the first week of November, so be on the lookout!

Just a friendly reminder that tuition is due the first class of the month. If you're reading this email, that's next week!


Student Spotlight: Meet Louise

We have some TRULY amazing students in the JFSOD fam so each month, we will be featuring one of our them to show you how awesome they really are.

Click here to read more about this month's student spotlight, Louise! (center)


Video: What Our Students are Thankful ForIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our students what they're most thankful for. Some of their answers made us laugh, some made us teary, but they all made us smile.


Meet the Fam: Mrs. Lynn + Mrs. Regan

Click to find out which teacher was the quarterback on her intramural flag football team in college (and won the championship!

Click here for Mrs. Regan.

Click here for Mrs. Lynn.


This is important to us...

Being a part of the JFSOD Family means more to us than just being a student who dances with us. It means that we value, respect and love you for who you are. It means we look out for you and care for you and your well being.

It also means that we have high expectations for you and we are lucky to have a community that consistently meets or exceeds those expectations. We believe that dance is more than just a creative outlet. It provides structure, teaches discipline and cultivates responsibility in our dancers.

One of those expectations we have for our students is arriving to and leaving from class in the appropriate attire. We wanted to send 3 important reminders, especially to our older students:

  1. Remember to wear a leotard and tights as a base layer to ALL of your classes, not just for ballet. This allows your teachers to see your alignment and help you improve your technique.

  2. Make sure to come to class with your hair pulled out of your face. For dancers in the 7-10 age group, we begin asking that their hair be worn in a bun to class. For dancers in Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Junior Company, Senior Prep, Apprentice and Senior Company, your hair should be in a secure bun for all classes, unless your teacher specifically allows otherwise. If you're unsure of how to make a ballet bun, check out our tutorial here:

  3. Most importantly, when dancers leave the studio after class, we require them to wear an additional layer of clothing on top of their leotard and tights. We model this behavior after professional dancers and strongly believe that dance attire belongs inside the studio and performance spaces only.


New Apparel Sneak Peek!

T-shirts and leggings and joggers, oh my! We've got some awesome apparel in the works just in time for the holidays!

Be on the lookout for an apparel order form within the first week of November.

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