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Meet the JFSOD Fam: Ms. Rachel

Each month, we'll be (re)introducing you to our incredible staff. Take peek into how they got involved in the dance community, how they landed at JFSOD and a few fun facts about them.


Ms. Rachel

What classes do you teach?

I teach two 3/4 classes and a 6/7 class on Saturday mornings

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 3 at JoAnn Fryrear School of Dance!

What do you love most about JFSOD?

I have so many things I love about this studio! Besides the amazing teachers, I love that I learned the love of dance instead of focusing on a competition! Everyone works together and encourages each other.

Favorite thing to do outside of dance?

My favorite thing to do besides dance is probably hiking. I love being outdoors and hiking in nature. Red River Gorge is my favorite place in Kentucky!

What would people be surprise to know about you?

People might be surprised that I worked in Cambodia with a human-trafficking prevention organization called Freedom's Promise.

Favorite food?

My favorite food ever is anything Asian, but more specifically, I LOVE sushi!

Guilty pleasure?

Listening to Meghan Trainer because I actually think her music is pretty catchy.

Dance idol?

It's a tie between Travis Wall and Mandy Moore. I love love love all Mandy's choreography and Travis is a dance genius. I got to see his tour with my JFSOD family and it was amazing!

What JFSOD family member do you admire and why?

I admire Mrs. JoAnn so much! Not only did she build this studio from the ground up, but she continues to teach tap to the women's classes and to tap therapy people who have had a stroke. I love that she has a heart for dance as a ministry and taught that to the rest of her family as well!

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