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Meet the JFSOD Fam: Mrs. Regan

Each month, we'll be (re)introducing you to our incredible staff. Take peek into how they got involved in the dance community, how they landed at JFSOD and a few fun facts about them.


Mrs. Regan

What classes do you teach?

I teach middle and high school hip hop at JFSOD. I also love teaching tap, jazz, contemporary and turns and leaps.

When/how did you start dancing?

I started at Diana Evans School of Dance in Lexington, Ky when I was three years old because my older sister took dance classes.

When/how did you start teaching?

In middle school I was an assistant teacher and kept going from there. I grew up in a studio and my mom was a middle school teacher so it came naturally for me.

Favorite thing about JFSOD so far?

The people of course! So nice, so driven, and so talented!

Favorite hobby outside of dance?

I work full time at an advertising agency on the account management side. As a hobby, I love to travel and most recently visited Iceland and Scandinavia.

What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I was a magician's assistant back in the day (because I'm 5'0 and can fit into most anything) and my middle name is Andrew backwards!

Favorite food?

I'm one of those people that's really into tacos because of their versatility.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Good television

Dance idol(s)?

Man, Janet Jackson and J'Lo are definitely up there. Mia Michaels always captures my heart.

What's one thing you admire about another JFSOD family member?

I think Taylor has done amazing things for JFSOD social media and she always has the best attitude!

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