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Meet the JFSOD Fam: Mrs. Beth

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Each month, we'll be (re)introducing you to our incredible staff. Take peek into how they got involved in the dance community, how they landed at JFSOD and a few fun facts about them.


Mrs. Beth

Relation to JoAnn Fryrear:


Role at the studio:

Multipurpose! I'm the business manager, which means that I handle the day-to-day business operations, including, but not limited to office and staff management, scheduling, payroll, taxes, answering phone calls and emails, talking to people with questions about the studio, class schedules, tuition, recitals, rehearsals, summer classes and whatever else comes up. I also teach stroke therapy private tap lessons and adult tap classes with my mom (Mrs. JoAnn) three days a week.

When how did you get involved with dance?

I started taking ballet and tap classes from my Mom when I was just shy of 3 years old, and continued taking classes until I graduated from high school.  I assisted in classes and helped backstage with Recitals from the time I was around 12 years old.  I took a couple of ballet and modern classes in college, and then fell away from it for a long time.  I came back to dance as an adult, and came to work at the studio full time in 2002. 

Favorite thing about JFSOD?

My favorite thing about JFSOD is the people!  It's truly family--my maiden name IS Fryrear after all--and it's a home.  It's a safe place for students and staff alike, where all are encouraged and loved and supported.  The entire staff honestly loves what we do, and we love one another as a family. 

Favorite part of recital season?

I absolutely love Dress Rehearsals.  It's busy and chaotic and I run around like a crazy person for three days, but I also get to visit with families that I don't often see during the course of the school year.  I enjoy seeing the progress that students have made in dance, and how they have grown in their confidence as well as their ability.  I'm always so proud of how they grow and mature into amazing young ladies. I love that I get to see all of the dances, particularly the older students;  I can look at them and remember when they were the tiniest of three-year-olds on stage for the first time.

Favorite hobby outside of dance?

I love to cook and bake...the joke in my house is that  "I play with my food" because I'm constantly looking for new recipes and I'm always trying to re-create dishes that I've had in restaurants.  I'm also a sports fan...  I love football and basketball (UL--GO CARDS!) and go to as many home games as possible.

What's one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm a classically trained musician.  I went to college on a harp scholarship, and there's a six-foot-tall  concert grand harp in my living room at home.  I still play for weddings and in the church orchestra occasionally.  I can play the harp, piano, xylophone, tympani and just about anything in a percussion section other than a snare drum.

Favorite food?

It's a toss-up between Lobster mac & cheese, a good thin crust sausage & mushroom pizza, and my Mom's French coconut pie. Although I am really partial to ANYTHING made with good dark chocolate.

Dance idol?

Because my first love in dance is Tap, I would have to say that Gregory Hines is probably one of my favorites.  Did you know that in 1988 he petitioned Congress to create "National Tap Dance Day? It's May 25th!

What's one thing you admire about another JFSOD family member?

I admire my Mom, Mrs.JoAnn.  She started this dance studio as a 16-year-old and it has grown into a dance family for thousands of students over the last 66 years,  She's not only a phenomenal teacher, but a mentor, and "another mother" to so many of her former students.. she's so humble and she just loves everyone like they're her family. I don't even think she realizes how many young people she has influenced over the years. 

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