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Meet the Fam: Ms. Anna

Each month, we'll be (re)introducing you to our incredible staff. Take peek into how they got involved in the dance community, how they landed at JFSOD and a few fun facts about them.


Ms. Anna

What classes do you teach?

Ballet and tap for ages 4-10 and intro jazz.

When did you start dancing?

When I was 3 years old.

When did you start teaching?

Around 16 years old. I was a helper at JFSOD when I was in high school and became a teacher later on. After graduating, I left for WKU and was unable to continue teaching. Now, I have the fortunate opportunity to teach at JFSOD once again while I continue my education in pursuit of a Master's degree from the University of Louisville.

What do you love most about JFSOD?

After almost 18 years being a part of the JFSOD community, I have fully come to appreciate the true sense of family that JFSOD provides each of its members. When I walk into the studio, I consistently feel as though I am welcomed home. Both the students and staff bring an unmatched energy to each class. I am truly honored to be a part of this wonderful family!

Favorite thing to do outside of dance?


What would people be surprise to know about you?

I have ridden in a hot air balloon!

Favorite food?

Chip and salsa and queso!

Guilty pleasure?

Gelato and binge watching Friends.

Dance idol?

Misty Copeland, Willdabeast and Brian Friedman.

What JFSOD family member do you admire and why?

I admire Rachel's radiant positivity and constant drive to help her students and all those around her excel.

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