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JFSOD Tips for your Best Recital Ever

Recital season is an incredibly exciting time at the studio! This month, we give you 10 tips to make sure you have the best recital yet!

1. Get some rest

Make sure the week leading up to recital, you take some time to rest your body and your mind. Get plenty of sleep, stretch and roll out your muscles, take a relaxing bath or wind down with a good book.

2. Make a recital prep list

To make sure you have everything you need, make a list and check it twice (or 4 times since there are 4 recitals)! Things that should be on this list are your costumes, your shoes, makeup, hair stuff, etc.

3. Stay hydrated

Make sure you’re drinking more water than normal and eating water-packed foods like watermelon, cucumbers and carrots. Try taking a water bottle to school if you don’t already, to help remind you.

4. Stretch and release

Take some extra time each day before you go to sleep to take care of your muscles. You’re working them more than normal, so make sure to give them a little extra love. This could include using a foam roller or tennis ball, stretching or using a theraband.

5. Be flexible

With any performance, things can change at the drop of a hat. We do our best to prepare you for the weekend, but things happen. Be ready and willing to make changes as necessary (to dances, to the dance order, etc).

6. Respect and listen to all backstage staff

You will know most of the people you see backstage because you see them at the studio each week. But we also have parents and other volunteers helping make sure our shows run smoothly. If someone asks you for help or to do something, respect them and be helpful.

7. Be focused.

There’s a lot going on during dress rehearsals and recital weekend as a whole. Your first priority is to be present and focused for your dances.

8. Eat right

Make sure you’re fueling your body with a variety of healthy food that will help sustain you and all the energy your putting into your dances. Your brain and your muscles need food to function properly, so make sure you give it to them.

9. Put your phones away. For real.

There are already so many distractions for you and other dancers, so be respectful of the time and space you share. Please save your phones for after the show.

10. Enjoy your weekend

This is one of our favorite times of the year. We spend all year training and preparing you for these shows and there’s a certain magic that happens when it all comes together smoothly. Each year is different, so enjoy each moment of this year’s show as much as possible.

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