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JFSOD Keep Dancing Resources

These are some strange times we're living through. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our students, families and staff. So, while we can't see you each week at the studio, we're working to bring you fresh, new content so we can all Keep Dancing!

We already have several resources available for you, but will continue to add to it each week. This will be home base, where we link you to the content we've created for you, as well as some awesome resources from the dance community.

We'd love to see any photos or videos of you trying these resources at home! Share them with us on our Facebook page or our Instagram page!

3/4 Year Old Resources

4/5 Year Old Resources

5/6 Year Old Resources

6/7 Year Old Resources

7/9 Year Old Resources

Intermediate Resources

Advanced Intermediate Resources

Junior Company Resources

Senior Prep Resources

Apprentice Resources

Senior Company Resources

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