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2019 JFSOD Spring Break Challenge

Want a chance to win a limited edition Recital 2019 t-shirt? Join us for the 2019 JFSOD Spring Break Challenge!

In the spirit of taking care of ourselves, we decided to host a little challenge over spring break. To help us all stay mindful (and prep for recital!), we challenge you to complete 5 small tasks each day.

Here's how it works...

We picked 5 habits to keep track of over the course of your day and assigned points to them:

  1. Get your heart pumping for 10 minutes per day = 1 point

  2. Stretching for 10 minutes per day = 1 point

  3. Drinking your recommended amount of water daily = 1 point (your body weight divided by 2 in ounces is a good general rule. If you weigh 120 lbs, you'd aim for 60 oz of water per day)

  4. Reviewing recital dances in your head one time per day = 1 point

  5. Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep = 1 point

There are 5 points you can earn every day by doing these 5 things.

You can earn bonus points every time you go above any beyond one of the goals:

  • Every extra 10 minutes you spend getting your heart pumping = 1 bonus point

  • Every extra 10 minutes you spend stretching or foam rolling = 1 bonus point

  • Every extra 12 oz of water you drink per day = 1 bonus point

  • Every extra time you review all your recital dances in your head each day = 1 bonus point

  • Every extra hour you sleep = 1 bonus point

To help track your progress, click here to download a printable Spring Break Challenge tacker sheet, or make your own!

Tracker sheets are due 4/12/19 and we will award the top 2 point winners with a limited edition JFSOD Recital 2019 t-shirt!

Winners will be announced 4/17/19.

Happy Spring Break!

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