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2018 JFSOD Holiday Gift Guide

The ultimate wish list of any JFSOD dancer. We've compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest dance essentials (and some oldies but goodies) that we love and your kiddos will too!

1. A new leotard

Almost guaranteed to get daily wear, plus your dancer will think of you when she wears it. Check out these sites for some great options:

2. A mani or pedi

This is an especially great treat after a fall spent working hard on their craft. We love these local options:

3. Gift certificate for a massage

For older dancers, this would be a great way to give their muscles (and mind) a break. These spots are great for a massage:

4. Dance booties

We LOVE these cozy boots made specifically to help keep your dancer's muscles warm prior to and during class or performances. These are some great options:

Bloch Booties

So Danca Booties

Russian Pointe Booties

5. Leg warmers

Always a fan favorite, they come in a multitude of colors, patterns and textures. We suggest checking out Discount Dance for some great options.

6. A subscription to a dance magazine like Dance Magazine or Pointe or Dance Spirit

These are full of awesome tips, dance education, and industry news. Your dancer will eagerly await this magazine in the mail each month.

7. Gift certificate to take a yoga or Pilates class

Especially great for our older dancers, this provides a great cross training opportunity and a new way to discover movement. Plus, these classes usually complement dance training well. Here are a few studios we love:

8. Season tickets to the Kentucky Center performances

Not only a great way to support local arts, but also a great way to introduce your dancer to many style of dance and theater. Check here for info.

9. Dance journal

A place for class notes, choreography and journaling. We're never without one. Find a few of our favorites here:

10. A Spotify subscription

An awesome resource for creating and storing playlists as well as discovering new music. Check it out here.

11. JFSOD Merch

In case you haven't heard, we've got some awesome new apparel that would make a GREAT holiday gift! Download an order form here and turn it into the office!

12. Balance board

These are fun tools to increase core and joint stability, especially in the hips, knees and ankles, and it's a fun game to try to keep your balance while gaining strength. Try these options:

13. Classic dance movies

You can never go wrong with classic dance movies like Singin' In The Rain, Swing Time, West Side Story, White Christmas

14. Spin board

Similar to a balance board, this tool is specifically for improving pirouettes (turning).

15. Warm up vest

Your dancer will use this close to year round to help warm up at the beginning of class and in between performances.

16. Foam roller

Great for sore and achy muscles (for treating AND preventing).

17. Foot massage ball

Dancer's feet are worked very hard and they deserve some special attention. These tools help relax the tiny muscles in the feet and create more flexibility.

18. Classical Ballet Manual

Almost every dancer we know has an old copy of this book on their shelves or in their dance bags. It's complete guide to ballet terminology and positions. Plus, it's steal at less than $6.00. Check it out on Amazon here.

29. Portable barre or tap floor

These are pricey, but are awesome for dancers who want to take their practice home with them.

20. Tickets to the Louisville Ballet's Nutcracker

Always a crowd-pleaser, check out ticket info here.

21. Nalgene water bottle

A sneaky way to increase water intake and stay hydrated - just increase the size of their bottle! This 48oz water bottle keeps going all day and won't break or spill if it's dropped. Get it here.

22. Hair organizer

For all. Those. Bobby Pins.

Naturequotes Hair Clip Organizer


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