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Dance Classes

Class Levels ...

New 3/4s                               
Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement in ballet and tap.

Repeater 4/5s      
Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet tap steps and creative movement.  One year in 3/4s required if 4, or age 5 for beginners.

Repeater 5/6s
Ages 5-6. Basic ballet and tap technique with 1-2 years prior training.

Repeater 6/7s
Ages 6-7. Basic ballet and tap technique with 2-3 years prior training.

Repeater 7 - 9s Ages 7-9 generally. Basic ballet and tap technique with or without prior training.

Ages 7-9.  Beginner-intermediate. 3-4 years prior training. One hour of ballet weekly with an hour combination of tap and jazz.

Advanced Intermediate
Ages 8-12. Intermediate. 5-6 years prior training. Two hours of classes per week - one hour of ballet with a second hour of tap and jazz.

Tween Advanced Intermediate
Ages 10-13.  Intermediate with some prior training. Emphasis on pointe preparation. Three classes/week required.

Junior Company
Ages 11 - up.  Intermediate - Advanced with emphasis on technique in 1.5 hours of ballet, and an hour each or tap and jazz. Two days/week. 

Senior Prep
Ages 12-up. Intermediate - Advanced classes with emphasis on performance with 1.5 hours of ballet, with additional hours of jazz, modern, pre-pointe and tap. Optional one hour Ballet Technique class and Advanced Strength and Conditioning. Three days/week.

Ages 14-up.  Advanced classes. Three - Four days/week required for registered students with 1.5 hours of Ballet, 1 hour of pointe, tap, jazz and modern with an optional one hour Ballet Technique class and Advanced Strength & Conditioning class.

Senior Company 

Ages 15-up.  Advanced Classes. Three - Four days/week required for registered students with 1.5 hours of Ballet and Ballet Technique, and 1 hour of pointe, tap, jazz and modern dance. Optional one-hour Advanced Strength & Conditioning class.

Tap Therapy/Private Tap
Basic technique with little or no prior training for adults who want to learn tap dancing or tap for therapeutic assistance after strokes or other medical conditions affecting balance.

Beginning Tap
Adults. Introduction to tap dancing, with or without prior training.

Intermediate Tap

Adults. Intermediate tap dancing, with 1 - 2 prior training.

Advanced Intermediate Tap
Adults. More advanced tap dancing with 5 years of prior training.

Advanced Tap

Adults. Advanced tap dancing with greater than 10 years of prior training.

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