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About Us

Our mission is to teach children and adults of all ages dance and the joy of self-confidence and expression through movement and music.

We strive to promote grace and discipline in our students' bodies and promote concentration in action.

Our objective is to bring each person to her/his potential as a dancer, while encouraging individual ability and confidence of each student. Our classes are structured with correct technique, yet balanced with fun, love, patience, and encouragement from our teachers.

JoAnn Fryrear School of Dance (JFSOD) is a family-owned, majority-women-owned business entity that has been in its current location since 1991 after opening in 1953. Our teachers stress dance fundamentals starting with ballet and then tap, adding jazz at an appropriate age and dance level.  Our teachers also collaborate to ensure that our students are dancing in the appropriate level. Dancers start in pointe shoes when the teachers determine that dancers are ready and have the strength and stamina to dance on pointe. Dances taught, as well as costumes and music, tend to be more on the conservative side and our dance is not competition-based. Older dancers may take modern dance and hip hop, but we strive not to embarrass anyone's family, even if a dance is in the style of Bob Fosse.  We take great pride in giving your children (or adults if you are taking dance) a great experience with teachers who understand our families. 

Some teachers in our dance family have taught with us between 25 and 30 years and all of our teachers have a passion for dance and a love of teaching your dancers. Many of our teachers have danced professionally with ballet companies or were dance majors in college and they convey that expertise to our students.

Regardless of being students, parents, or teachers, those at JFSOD are a part of our dance family, and are always welcome. We have second or third generation students where a child, her mother, and grandmother have taken dance from JoAnn or one of our teachers. We want to continue to pass that love of dance through the generations as JoAnn has passed the love of dance to her children, granddaughters & countless others! 
The passion continues...

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