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     The Governor's recent Executive Order prohibits group classes from meeting in we are moving to a  virtual format, beginning 11/30/2020.  Our plan is to teach classes to ALL age levels, in real time, through the Zoom platform.

     ALL classes are canceled Thanksgiving week to work out the logistics and smooth transition to virtual classes.

     Since we are missing a week, we are discounting December tuition, charging 1/2 the regular rate.  If you have any questions regarding your account, please call the office at 896-4844.

     Additional information is forthcoming as we work out details for each student age group. Check your email, here and social media. In the meantime, we are working hard to provide classes and content for our families. We truly appreciate that you have trusted us and allowed us to teach your children in-person for the last several weeks.  We ask that you continue to trust us and allow us to teach your children through virtual classes for a (hopefully) brief period of time, until we can meet again for classes in-person at the studio.

Please know that we are doing everything possible to make the studio a safe place for your students. 
Here's how we're keeping the studio safe and healthy in our new normal:

  1. REQUIRE masks for staff and students in accordance with CDC guidelines. Anyone over the age of 5 MUST wear a mask in the studio.

  2. Provide hand sanitizer upon entry at JFSOD. All students and staff must sanitize hands prior to entry. 

  3. Shut down the water fountain. All students will need to bring a water bottle to class.

  4. Clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces in the lobby and studios before and after all classes.

  5. Clean and sanitize all bathroom surfaces and fixtures after each use of the bathroom.

  6. REQUIRE parents, students and staff to stay home if they or anyone in their family is sick with a cough, cold or fever. 

  7. Require students be brought to the sidewalk by the front door where a staff member will escort them into the lobby and assist with changing shoes if needed.

  8. Close the lobby area to parents and families, removed all furniture to discourage gathering of crowds to prevent the spread of germs.

  9. Provide a designated entry door and designated exit door to avoid crowds. After class, younger students will be brought out the exit door by staff to meet parents on the sidewalk in front of the studio.

  10. Require staff and students to self-check and take temperatures prior to anyone entering JFSOD.

  11. Take the temperature of any student that appears to have a cough, cold, or symptoms of illness during class.

  12. Space students 6 feet apart in classrooms to maintain social distancing.

​      The creation of a dancer is the result of a long journey. Here, we offer dance opportunities to individuals looking for pre-professional training, exercise or just for fun. We offer a complete program for dancers of all ages.

     We believe dance is an art form through which persons develop and grow. It is our mission to facilitate that growth. Family-owned and operated for over 67 years, JoAnn and her teachers have taught dance to thousands of youngsters and those young at heart. 

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