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JoAnn and her Staff Welcome You!!

If you have any questions, please call us at 502-896-4844

or email

We have some news to share with our JFSOD family - it’s so bittersweet for us to share with you that the Fryrear family is stepping away from ownership of the dance studio. However, Taylor Clements-Smith and Katie Smith will be stepping up as partners to lead this community, starting this summer. See YouTube Video Here

Our family has been dealing with a lot over the past few years and caring for our parents and running the studio has become too much for our family to manage. 

A few weeks ago, this conversation might have been one where we told you we were closing for good, but we are so thankful that Mrs. JoAnn’s legacy will continue to live on, and that this place will continue to be a thriving, supportive, safe community for our students and dance families under a new name. 

We recognize that change is hard, but we feel so confident that JFSOD's core values, the reason why you choose to be a part of this family, will continue because we're handing it over to people who share those same values and have been a part of this community for close to 20 years. 

There is no doubt in our mind that Taylor and Katie are the right leaders for this community and we cannot wait to continue to support you all in a different way. From the deepest depths of our hearts, thank you for your love, support, and trust in us for the past 70 years. While this might be the end of a chapter, know that this is absolutely not the end of our story. 

For the month of June, we will be taking a quick pause to ensure a smooth transition but Taylor and Katie will be back with summer programming in July. As we work with them to make this transition, we feel it’s extremely important to have your input and hear from you. We’ve created three ways via the email to keep you involved in this process and we’d love it if you could participate in one of them below:

  •  We want to know what you love about this studio and where you see opportunities to improve. This feedback is completely anonymous and will go directly to Taylor and Katie as they plan for the future of this community. 

  • Join a Parent Focus Group - Join a small group of studio parents and act as our sounding board as we plan the path forward. We will hold several sessions in the coming weeks in person and via Zoom so you have the opportunity to weigh in.

  • Have your student join a Student Focus Group -  We strive to make this community safe, fun, and encouraging for our students and value their input. If your student is interested in sharing feedback or suggestions, they can sign up to be a part of this small group. We will hold several sessions in the coming weeks in person and via Zoom so they have the opportunity to weigh in.

    While Taylor and Katie still have details to finalize, they (and we) are all available to talk and answer any questions you may have and will share more details in the coming weeks.  Information about summer classes and camps will be coming out before the recital, so stay tuned for how to stay plugged in this summer.

    With all our love and gratitude, 

    Mrs. JoAnn, Lynn, Beth, Brent, and Ray


​     The creation of a dancer is the result of a long journey. Here, we offer dance opportunities to individuals looking for pre-professional training, exercise or just for fun. We offer a complete program for dancers of all ages.

     We believe dance is an art form through which persons develop and grow. It is our mission to facilitate that growth. Family-owned and operated for over 68 years, JoAnn and her teachers have taught dance to thousands of youngsters and those young at heart.

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